Last Update: March 2017

This map shows the route for the 2015 Tour Divide. It differs from the official Great Divide Mountain Bike Route in a few significant ways.
Data was stitched together from various sources - gps records from Strava activities and the official TD 2015 GPX track.

Is the mileage 100% accurate? No, but it is close. GPS error is unavoidable.
Is the elevation profile 100% accurate? No, but it is close enough to compare efforts between resupplies.
Elevation gain/loss is calculated where the grade between points is greater than 1.5%. A naive, but simple approach.

Don't rely on this map for the purpose of navigation. Buy the Official Adventure Cycling GDMBR map set instead.

This projects is on GitHub. The source is available if you'd like to contribute or verify the data.

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